Rules & Swap Guidelines

Following the popularity of the first Christmas block swap in 2010 run by Sue's Quilting Block Swaps Australia, a separate group has been set up where people can join, swap and post about their Christmas blocks!

This swap group has been created to swap Christmas Themed blocks; build friendships; and have fun!
Communication is the number one rule of our swap!  

Full Rules & Guidelines

What is expected in this swap:
           Partners will be allocated via email on the first weekend of the month.
           Contact your new partner to say hello within 7 days of receiving allocation email.
           Each month we are swapping 1 Christmas themed block. Size: 12" finished (12.5" raw edge) (multiple blocks can be swapped but must be by agreement of both partners).
           Please use good quality 100%  cotton fabric ( No blends) and only send what you yourself would be pleased to receive.
           Please remember your manners – let your partner know the block has arrived by posting a photo on the Facebook page .. or emailing her to say thank you .. or you can email the Co-ordinator on this email and let her know you have it .. 
           Let the Swap Co-Ordinator know, no later than the 26th of the month, that you have sent your block.
           Photos of blocks are to be shared online via the Facebook group.  If you cannot do this, then photos can be emailed to the Swap Co-Ordinator on this link
           This is an international group all members are expected to swap with our international members.
           All swappers agree to keep all information (mailing address, email addresses, etc) confidential.
           Any advice of change of contact details, preferences or a request to leave the group MUST be done via email – Facebook messages and posts to the page are easily missed.
           It is vital you remain in contact with the Swap Co-Ordinator.  Any swappers not advising they have sent their block when new partners are ready to be allocated will be noted as MIA (Missing in Action) and will not get a new partner.  You will be removed from the active swap list if you remain out of communication for 30 days or more. 
           Communication is vital!  If I send you email which requests a response, the courtesy of a reply is expected – no reply for 14 days or more will see you removed from the Active list.
           If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Swap Co-Ordinator.

At this point, I would like to remind everyone that this is a MONTHLY swap and your block should be posted with enough time to reach your partner BEFORE the end of the month! If you are running late, please let your partner & the Swap Co-Ordinator know! In some cases, international postage has taken 14-21 days to get from Australia to USA and given that this is a monthly swap, it doesn’t leave much time to make your block! So if you have an international partner, please make your block and send it as soon as you can.

We understand that life can get in the way sometimes, however, if it does, please let the Swap Co-Ordinator know.

Repeated failure to swap and/or communicate is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE. If you are having difficulties you can request to SIT OUT for a short while. As long as you communicate with the Swap Co-Ordinator AND your partner, everyone will be happy!

Swappers who do not receive any communication or block from their partner by the end of the month are requested to let the Swap Co-Ordinator know. 

The Christmas Quilting Block Swap Group will only be as good as the individual members make it ……..let’s make it a good one!

Christmas Quilting Block Swap Co-Ordinator ... Bobbie ...

Updated:  August 2016