Sunday, 7 June 2015

Another Growth Spurt!

WOW, another growth spurt!  

A very warm welcome to our newest Aussie members JanF from NSW, Bev from SA, DianeG from QLD and Natasha from WA, as well as Jocelyn from Ireland, and LindaW from USA.

With the recent growth of the group, I think it is timely to remind everyone that communication is the No.1 rule of our swap – if you are going to be late with your block, or are struggling with your partner’s preferences, please keep in touch with your partner AND the Swap Co-Ordinator!  

We are one swapper away from capacity!

And because I can't bear to have a post without a piccie, here is a collage of some blocks sent and received recently :)

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The Mayo Family said...

Hello Ladies,
Stopping to say hello from my place over in the USA!
The new posted blocks are lovely!
Blessings~ I think of you all and check in on your lovely sewing!

CathyC said...

lovely to hear from you Lori, hope you are well :)