Sunday, 30 November 2014

Changes to the Swap Group going into 2015

There will be some changes to the group commencing 1st January 2015.

From 2015, I will only be accepting new members from within Australia.  Existing international members are most welcome to stay; however, as they drop out, they will be replaced by Australian swappers.  Eventually, it will be an 'Australian Only Swap'.

There are three factors behind this decision;
  • the cost of international postage;
  • the length of time it is taking for blocks to arrive - both to and from Australia; and
  • a Customs Declaration form is required which usually means a lengthy trip to the Post Office.
Usually, blocks are requested to be sent to your partner with enough time for them to arrive before the end of the month.  Of late, some blocks have taken between 10-21 days to arrive at their destination .... this does not leave a lot of time to complete your block and get it in the mail :(

A Roll Call has been sent out to all existing members of this swap group, asking them to confirm if they wish to continue swapping in 2015 given this change of membership information.  If you are a registered swapper in this group, please check your emails.  Response is requested by 15th December 2014.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email :)

Cathy - Admin

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