Monday, 31 March 2014

Communication with Swap Co-Ordinator

This post will stay on top for the month of March - please scroll down for newer posts.

As much as I love organising this swap every month, there are aspects that are very frustrating and time consuming.  At the moment, we have 30 active members - that makes 15 emails that take approximately 1½-2 hours to assign partners, compile emails and send.  I haven’t taken into consideration the other time spent during the month to follow-up on possible non-swappers, or people who just don’t reply to emails.  

So for the month of March, I would like to try something new – I would like you to let me know when you have put your block in the mail.  A photo would be lovely, but not compulsory, just send me a quick email.  If you don’t let me know you have sent your block, you won’t get a partner next month.

PS - if you haven't heard at all from your swap partner by 21st of the month, DO NOT SEND YOUR BLOCK, but please let me know :(

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