Sunday, 2 February 2014

February for Brenda...

In the past week we have spent a lot of time in doors as we are having such a spell with snow-freezing wind chills-snow-ice dangerous wind get the idea...?
Just as many of you around the world have had extreme heat, ice and all sorts of weather that is a bit different than we are used to.
In our home we've caught up on organizing, purging, clothes sorting and all sorts of things that needed taking care of.
Along with some extra sewing and you guessed my block swaps are done....Yea!
My girls went to the post office and one of them turned around and said...
"Mom, this says February block and it's January today"? Ha
 Yes, Momma got them done ahead of time...FUN!
So, when Brenda asked for a star in tradition colors with cream background I looked for something different.........I came across this sweet star and tried it!
Fun, easy to do and comes out exact 12.5" Yeah!


The name of this star in their series is "another star" click on and look around at some of the nice block patterns they have.
The lil-red felt mitten is setting on her block.
So, my February swap is off to Montana.
I so hope this star will fit in with her collection.
Lori M