Friday, 24 January 2014

January Swap Lori X's 2

For January we shared the same first name and live is neighboring states in the USA!
Along with a love for quilting!
We enjoyed our swapping and I am thankful that all went well as during the end of December, beginning of January with this terrible cold snap many of us all around the states are experiencing.
I learned that, Lori B was with out power on more than one occasion!
So, all is better now...except the cold temps continuing to dip way below zero...Burr
Good thing we have sewing & stitching to keep our fingers warm! Smile...
Lori B sent me this beautiful Log cabin block with lovely fabrics.

I ended up sending these two blocks to Lori as....
(ahem) when I got the email with swap info...I read it in a hurry and mis-read who, what, when if you know what I mean?
Then looked at the block and thought "this is not Christmas looking enough"?
I saw "red & white" great! I have lots of that in stock thanks to my sis who gets all things made for her in only "red & white" ....
Hello Christmas swap................
So, off I set and made another for
 Lori this "red & white & smidgen of holiday greens" Star block!

She has received them and our January swap is complete and was a delight!
Lori M