Sunday, 3 November 2013

my very late block for Delphine

Where are the weeks going?  It will be Christmas before you know it.

I have come down with a shocking head cold - blocked sinuses, sneezing, sore throat, aches in places I didn't know I had places - the whole box and dice :(  and while I really wanted to get a whole heap of sewing done on Friday for FAwF/FNwF, after running around doing some errands that couldn't wait, and spending a bit of time chasing up some 'one-sided' Christmas Block swaps (which will be a post for a later date :( ) I sewed a little, but mostly just faffed around the sewing room   ;-)

I completed a very late October Christmas Swap block for Delphine, who has been most patient with me.  Not a very good introduction to our swap group, when your first swap is late and from the Swap Co-Ordinator herself, no less!  Not a very good example to set :(

Anyway, here is the block I made - you get to see a black and white version - so as not to ruin the surprise, I will post a full colour pic when it is received by Delphine.

a Twisted Star Block for Delphine
I did do a blog post about receiving Delphine's block HERE, but will post the picture again, because it is such a beautiful block ;-)


The Mayo Family said...

Sorry to learn you were so under the weather! Awe
I do pray that you are now feeling much better.
I know that the black & white block is lovely...(I do love that pattern)
And the lock that you received is lovely! Beautiful job!
Again, hoping you are on the mend.
Lori USA

Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

thank you Lori :)