Sunday, 15 September 2013

September Deborah and Lori

We have a completed September swap.
We both live in the USA and neighboring
I received this pretty 'Log-Cabin' from Deborah
We took the picture outside on the yard
It shows that
our grass is turning brown-ish and you can see a few leaves starting to fall!
Soon we welcome our changing colors and autumn days!
 I had already showed this 'tree' block I sent to Deborah
Had several ask for the pattern... I'm adding the link, however I'm letting you know that yes,
I cut all to the widths', just making the measurements to size as you want to finish with 12.5"
You sort  of 'taylor' it for your pattern needs. I like the tree more centered so when you look at this it's a wee-lil different than the pattern at the link!
Try one they are fun and have loads of possibilities! Have fun!
Blessings~ Lori USA

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Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

lovely - thanks for posting the link to the block Instructions, Lori ;)