Monday, 8 July 2013

Our Christmas Angels

Hi everyone

Occasionally, some of our very valued Swappers are in need of some cheering up.

  • life can be a real pain and we have to deal with some curve balls being thrown our way;
  • Mother Nature can have a hissy fit and shake, flood, burn our homes, or simply blow them away;
  • health issues are sent our way to test our resilience and faith;
no matter what happens, it is nice to know our 'other family' in the Swapping/Blogging world can help ease our pain.

Over the past year or so, we have needed to call on Christmas Angels, who have very quietly gone about their "Angel Duties" and I sincerely hope their efforts were acknowledged by the various recipients.  However, I would like to acknowledge their efforts here on the blog.

To help with this acknowledgement, I have created a "Christmas Angels" page where I will be placing photos of the various items sent.  Now, I realise that some of you may be very happy to stay in the background, and that is OK too  .... just let me know ;-)

At this stage, I will be posting photos and identifying who has sent them - I will not identify who they have been sent to on this blog, as I don't wish to embarrass the recipients in any way ;-)  However, the recipients are more than welcome to contact me if they wish to be identified and to pass on any thanks ;-)

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