Saturday, 9 February 2013

Twice the fun & More

I was thrilled to get my envelope from...
The General
That Melanie had sent!
I was blessed two times with the
"Pin-Wheel & Log Cabin
 both in lovely fabric & along with that a Yummy packet of
"Coffee drink" to enjoy & how did she know when sending me 
the lovely piece of ribbon
that I was in the middle of making Valentine hearts to send to my sister and needed some red or white ribbon to sew on two of them! my sister will be so thrilled to know that those two hearts have a ribbon tie all the way from Australia! How special!
All I can say it was such a sweet envelope and I so appreciate the goodies that you added Melanie!
Thank you & it was a joy swapping! 

 I was blessed to get both blocks due to the fact Melanie was worried that the Pin Wheel was a touch off center...(I am the Momma of 8 children and 6 are girls whom are all either already sewing or getting there I have a Mom's eye for over looking! Smile,) how ever I am liking both these and...the fabric's are "LOVELY"
I mean that beautiful quality!
Lori USA