Friday, 11 January 2013

Today I Did My Happy Dance .....

I was doing my happy dance today.  When I opened my mail box I had 2 packages inside.
Both of them were Christmas blocks too.
This one is from Lori in the USA.
I haven't had this pattern before and have always wanted to try to do it, so now Lori has inspired me to try. I love it!
She also included some awesome goodies.
Thanks Lori.

Diane in the UK did this one for me.
The green jumps right out at you with the design.
She sent a special little block she did and some extra goodies.
Thank you Diane I Love the block and goodies.

EDITED:  Photos have been put in the right spot now


Diane-crewe said...

whoops x you swaped the pictures round ... mine is the dersden heart xx Diane x

The Mayo Family said...

(wink) Diane,
You are correct & I was thinking...
"That's a beautiful block", "Don't know if I could make it"!
Maybe some month we will swap! Smile
I did the other one :)
I am so happy that Traci likes both of them & we made her dance!
Ha! We quilters do understand!
You are a gifted sew-er :)
Lori USA

Rev. Hoglen said...

Sorry about that girls. See I was just too excited. :-)

Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

such pretty blocks ;-)