Friday, 30 November 2012

December partners .............

have been allocated ;-)

December sure looks like it is going to be busy for most of you  ......... according to the response from the last email asking to let me know if you would like to swap for December ............. we only have 16 swappers this month

Don't forget to let me know if you DO want to swap for December - if I don't hear from you, I shall presume that you DO NOT wish to swap.

A special envelope...

Thanking Kathy....
After a hard week and losing a loved one to come home & find a envelope
and open to such sweet "goodies & beautiful block" I think it's a reminder
how much more this 'swap' is!
There are days these envelopes really brighten up our day.
 It is about sewing, quilting and swapping's as well friendship that come from all over the 'world'!
And ladies it's really a blessing so much more isn't it?
I am thrilled at this lovely block and sweet lil-ornament & fabric & buttons!
Kathy was my swap partner from right here in the USA and not to far from my state!
I know some months these 'squishy envelopes' truly bless in many ways!

I thank you Kathy & Cathy for all you do to keep this swap going!
Blessings~Lori USA

Monday, 26 November 2012

Pretty star

This pretty Christmas star arrived today,  I love the fussy cut centre thank you Jean

Friday, 23 November 2012

Thank You Jeneta ;-)

Jeneta has sent me this beautiful selection of Fat Quarters as a thank you ;-)

I first saw these fabrics as part of an Australian Travelling Stash on Facebook that I am part of ;-)
Someone had already taken them out before it even gets to me :(

Thank You so much Jeneta, for being so very generous & thoughtful, Cathy, xxx

The Christmas Quilting Block Swap Group will only be as good as the individual members make it ……..let’s make it a good one!

November blocks - Janet to Julianne

Photos from Janet - with apologies for the delay in posting ;-)

here are the two blocks i have sent to Julianne for the November swap.  We decided to do a two block swap!
Happy sewing

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 real life...

Let me tell you...they are beautiful!
When the mail carrier delivered these we couldn't
believe really how lovely these blocks are!
You have to 'touch' them you know to know!

I thank you all so much and Cathy...thanks for sharing for the "Birthday"!
I love them and really will enjoy them....
I've plans for one of them right off and I will post a pic when I'm done!
I am blessed~
Lori in the USA

Christmas from Leena

Leena did this wonderful block for me in our Christmas Group.  The center is the manger scene and makes a very lovely addition to what I have in mind for my blocks.
Thank you Leena.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas Star for Traci

Received this beautiful Block from Traci along with the 'goodies'. My Xmas tree block is beautiful, job well done.  I especially love the 'Peace' panel and the fabric as well. Thanks Traci for everything and hope my Christmas Star block has arrived there by now.
It has been such a pleasure being your swap partner. Wishing you A Very Merry Christmas and all the Best for 2013.


... at this beautiful block..

it flew in from Australia.. just for me xx

Anna sent me this lovely tree... and she has embellished it beautifully x

she also enclosed some goodies


Diane x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

I am a goose

This afternoon I made my partner, Jean's Christmas block.  And only when I looked at the photo to upload to the blog I noticed something was wrong......

So back to the sewing room I went, and with some unpicking and re sewing I got the blocks the right way around.

It will be in the post in the morning, Hugs, Sue

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Birthday Celebration Winners - UPDATED

Well, I was a little late in drawing the winners - blame it on my weekend away, and the fact that I forgot it was Halloween ;-)  I have emailed the winners and have heard back from them ;-)

The winner of the Christmas Block Swap Birthday Giveaway is ..........
Comment #3 was Jeneta

Jeneta has advised her choice of blocks 

and they will be posted shortly.

EDITED:  just thought I would add a note Jeneta has sent ;-)

Hi Cathy
The blocks arrived today! Someone has spent a lot of time making them - my children and I currently have them all out on the living room floor so that we can marvel at them! The surfing Santa will definitely be making his way to the US to be gifted to a friend!
Thanks for sending them.
Jeneta x

The winner in the Christmas Block Swap Followers Giveaway is .......................
Comment #8 was Lori

Lori has advised her choice of blocks

I told Lori to pick an extra block ;-)
and they will be posted shortly.

Congratulations to you both, Jeneta & Lori, and
thank you to everyone for your support in the previous two years ;-)

The Christmas Quilting Block Swap Group will only be as good as the individual
members make it ……..let’s make it a good one!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Christmas in November for Leena

Leena (Australia) asked for this cute Christmas Tree block. I had not done this particular pattern before and found it very easy and so much fun. Something I will do in the future on my own project.
Merry Christmas Leena!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Christmas from Kathy in USA

My first Christmas partner happen to be in the USA and not far from me.
Kathy did a great job. The colors are very brillant and I just love the purple.
Thank you Kathy.

Friday, 2 November 2012

How sweet!

Look what came to our home in the USA from Jeneta
all the way from WA Australia!
Thank you so much!
We exchanged "Log-Cabins" in the October swap.
I am so "PLEASED"!
It's beautiful & Jeneta you are a lovely sew-er!
A well sewn block of beautiful fabrics & a sweet treat to boot!
What a blessed swap!

I am thankful & so much enjoyed you for a swap partner!
       This evening we are going to cut up this chocolate bar!
Blessings~Lori from USA

Thursday, 1 November 2012

October blocks - trees, stars & more

The lovely Cynthia has let me know the blocks I made for her have arrived ;-)

I added an extra block as an Angel Block to fill in for her previous partner who was unable to complete her swap.

This gorgeous block & Christmas Decoration was from MicheleK - thank you so much, I love the fabrics you have chosen -- I feel very special indeed ;-)


Imagine me getting my November block done!
(It's still October in the USA in my area)
I am so excited about this ....Smile
I so enjoyed making this block as I have never
tried the ..."Friendship Block"
So the second fun thing is...
it's traveling only one state away!
Thanks Cathy, it was so funny to my
daughters when they asked "where is it going Mom"?
And I replied..."Illinois"! They said "That's not in Australia"?
Ha...silly Aussie swap is in the states this month :)

So here is the block for Kathy in Illinois!
Hope it fits well with the rest of your collection!
Blessings~ Lori in the USA