Sunday, 29 January 2012

Billy's block from Janet

Billy writes that she received "this wonderful block.. from Janet in the Yukon
Thank you so much Janet.  I love the colours and fabrics you have used – gorgeous!!  
Thank you

Pat's block for Sue

this is Pat's darling block for Sue - isn't it gorgeous!

beautiful block from Jen

here is the wonky star block that i was lucky enough to get from Jen from the Jan swap!

and this is the log cabin block i made for her


A Christmas Star for Maria of Dongara, WA

Maria has requested a Star in traditional colours on a cream background. Decided to do one of my favourites. Hope it is okay, Maria.

Me oh my...

My heart felt apologies to these lovely ladies...
Mary C.~ Larain S.~ Sharon O.
November~December & January
Your packages are in flight & your blocks & goodies will be to you soon!
 A lil-sneek-peek for you all...

I am very sorry that these have run so terribly behind ladies.
I have left Crafty-Pug word that these will get to you & I
will be taking a two month leave to have a surgery & recover!
I would appreciate all your prayers~
I so enjoy my time getting to know you all & sew & see my new blocks.
Thank you all & I look forward to returning soon...

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Welcome and Happy Australia Day!

Hi all!
i know i am a little late with my Happy Australia Day (it was 26/1) but best wishes anyway!  It has been HOT in Adelaide the last few days, in the high 30's (that is around the 100 F mark), so very appropriate weather for barbies, cricket and the beach.

hope you Aussies had a great day and had a quiet reflection on all the things we have to be thankful for because we live in Australia.

secondly, a big welcome to a fellow Aussie, Raelene, from Victoria!  she will be joining for the February swap - and we all hope you have a great time!

lastly, i am working on the swap partners as we speak!  i hope to get them to you today, or tomorrow at the latest.  thank you to all those who have let me know they need a month, or more, off, and to those who have changed their preferences to collect a different type of block.  remember that i am only an email away if you need to make any changes

pugs and aussie kisses!

Friday, 20 January 2012

block from and to Shirley

block from Shirley
My January block arrived today from Shirley in USA.
Log cabin block for Shirley
This is on its way to Shirley posted the other day. Hope she likes it and if you want to see the whole block there is a picture on my blog
Sue S

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tree from Canade

The lovely Janet from cold snowy Yukon in Canada sent me this pretty Christmas tree.

Its so hot and dry here in Adelaide, South Australia, I often find it amusing to think that my quilting friends on the other side of the world are having such extreme differences in the weather. 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Table Runners - SueB

Table Runner by Sue B
Contributors are ( L to R )
Friendship block - Shauna Bushfield
Star Block - Cathy Cates (see the cute felt poisettia centre too).
Poinsettia block - Cheryll Shannon
Thank you sooooo much ladies for your lovely blocks that helped make this project possible.  its lovely to see how three very different blocks come together so well.  And as the theme seemed to be poinsettia it gave me a good excuse to use some fabric with that pattern on it for the borders.
It does not show in the pictures, but the cream fabrics have lovely golden swirls and stars. 

JULY 2011

Table Runner for Sue by Crafty Pug
Contributors unknown - sorry I didn't keep track!!!
Have learnt my lesson though :)