Friday, 28 December 2012


Well finally....
What a challenge for me and it's a reminder for me to 'not'
try a 'new' block when I am behind....
I had quite a struggle making this block, it seemed like those
2-7/8 inch squares are so hard... however my husband
was able to help me with reading these measurements!
(how embarrassing is that, I can do this-just no metter what they were not okay?)
(so thankful for that)
I had made her one block and then decided that I did not like it so,
 I made her a different one.
So with all this being said there is a block in route to your house,
Rev Traci
       Here is the block..........

Yes, it is finished and for that I am very thankful!
There are a couple lil-extras for the long wait :)
Thankfully we both live in the USA & it will be there before the end of December!
Thanks for swapping & hope it will fit in the rest of your collection.


Rev. Hoglen said...

I love it! You did GREAT Lori!
Thank you very much. Can't wait to have it in my hands.
Rev. Traci

Jeneta said...

It's so beautiful Lori!

Sue B said...

Beautifully executed block, well done Lori.