Friday, 30 November 2012

A special envelope...

Thanking Kathy....
After a hard week and losing a loved one to come home & find a envelope
and open to such sweet "goodies & beautiful block" I think it's a reminder
how much more this 'swap' is!
There are days these envelopes really brighten up our day.
 It is about sewing, quilting and swapping's as well friendship that come from all over the 'world'!
And ladies it's really a blessing so much more isn't it?
I am thrilled at this lovely block and sweet lil-ornament & fabric & buttons!
Kathy was my swap partner from right here in the USA and not to far from my state!
I know some months these 'squishy envelopes' truly bless in many ways!

I thank you Kathy & Cathy for all you do to keep this swap going!
Blessings~Lori USA


Diane-crewe said...

i sooo agree, we all need a little parcel of love now and then xx

Cathy Cates said...

Lovely block ;) thank you for your lovely words Lori ;)

Rev. Hoglen said...

Love the block and colors.