Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Christmas Block Swap Birthday Celebrations

a big OOOOPS from me - apologies to everyone - I sent the group email from my personal email account - I think I need a birthday drink!

EDITED:  time added to Draw Date - evening of 31st October (Aussie time)

The Christmas Block Swap Group has reached 100 followers and will celebrate its 2nd Birthday during the month of October and YOU are going to get the presents!

Some of you may have noticed a few pictures of some very pretty Christmas Blocks appearing on the blog.  These blocks have been very generously donated to the Group by a fellow quilter who wishes to remain anonymous and will be given away as a prize.

Actually, we will be having two prizes ;-)

A Birthday prize will be your choice of 9 blocks, from the 16 blocks that are featured on the Pretty Christmas Blocks page  HERE

Entry is open to ALL Christmas Block Swap Members – past and present.  However, entry is not open to past members who have been Removed or Suspended for failure to swap and/or communicate.

What do you have to do to win these gorgeous blocks? 
Well, fairly simple really – leave a comment on THIS post and let me know the favourite swap item you have received during your time in this group.  It can be a block, or one of the completed items swapped in any of our Special Swaps. 

Now, I would really love to see a photo of this item if possible, so feel free to blog about it and link it in your comment, OR send me a photo via e-mail.  Providing a photo is not compulsory, and does not impact on your chances of winning, but in order to win, you MUST be an active or past member of the group, leave a comment on this post and be contactable via email.

A Followers prize
will be your choice of 2 blocks, from the 5 blocks featured on the Block Pool page, generously donated to the group by Marwin Smith.

What do you have to do to win these gorgeous blocks? 
Well, fairly simple really – be a follower ;-)  leave a comment on the Block Pool page indicating that you are a follower and nominate which blocks you would like.  In order to win, you MUST be a follower and be contactable via email.

The winners will be chosen by Random Org on the evening of Wednesday, 31st October (Aussie time) and will be notified via e-mail.  If no reply is received to the notification email within 48 hours, the winner will be redrawn and a new e-mail sent.

So that’s it for me for now  ......................... It’s our birthday and you get the pressies ;-)



Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

comment on behalf of CathyT
Would love to win - photo submitted via email.

froggylegs said...

I've just started with the Christmas Block Swap and I just love making and recieving the blocks it would be hard to pick just one because all of the blocks and extras are very special to me. What a wonderful giveaway I would love to win.

Jeneta said...

I love all the blocks I have received, though my favourite item is the beautiful mug rug I received from Fiona. I felt the love that went into those beautifully stitched gingerbread men!

Cy Ka said...

Dear all,

really lovely blocks - my fav is #14

Have a great time

All the best

The Mayo Family said...

Oh what fun!
I love all the item's that I have recieved from my swapping!
One of my fav's is the plaid log-cabin block that I got from Raelene...and from a extra swap was the mug-rug from Jen in PA!