Saturday, 28 January 2012

Welcome and Happy Australia Day!

Hi all!
i know i am a little late with my Happy Australia Day (it was 26/1) but best wishes anyway!  It has been HOT in Adelaide the last few days, in the high 30's (that is around the 100 F mark), so very appropriate weather for barbies, cricket and the beach.

hope you Aussies had a great day and had a quiet reflection on all the things we have to be thankful for because we live in Australia.

secondly, a big welcome to a fellow Aussie, Raelene, from Victoria!  she will be joining for the February swap - and we all hope you have a great time!

lastly, i am working on the swap partners as we speak!  i hope to get them to you today, or tomorrow at the latest.  thank you to all those who have let me know they need a month, or more, off, and to those who have changed their preferences to collect a different type of block.  remember that i am only an email away if you need to make any changes

pugs and aussie kisses!


Maria said...

High 30's would do me. we have had over 40's for the past 5 days with no relief in sight. HOT!!!
Great weather to sit inside and sew.

crafty pug said...

wow - that is hot! hope it gets cooler soon!