Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My Big bag of chrismas pressie's off to Cheryl, we decided to just exchanged ours altogether cause we are friends and saves postage, NO she hasnt peeked . This is a great swap, looking forward to doing it next year, maybe with someone I don't know Merry christmas to all swappers  :-))

Crafty's block for Rosemary

this is my block for Rosemary for November - hope she likes it!
pugs and kisses

Monday, 28 November 2011

speaking of new members....

Please welcome Lynda, from New Zealand

check out her blog at http://witchful-notions.blogspot.com

December Partners in inboxes

Just a quick note to let you know that I have sent out the majority of partners for December.  If you haven't got yours yet, it may be because I am waiting on a couple of new people to see if they would like to join, and you may be swapping with one of them!
as always, feel free to contact me with hassles, questions etc
Happy swapping!

Friday, 25 November 2011

A new tree in the Forest

I received this awesome tree from Vanessa....

~ that's all needle-turn applique ~

wow... thanks Vanessa.... love it....

perfect for my growing forest of Christmas Trees

(a link is HERE if you want to look at the lovely variety of trees I've received - awesome inspiration)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

welcome Lorraine!

Please join me in welcoming our first New Zealander swapper - Lorraine!!
And a special joining it is too - just in time for Christmas!

Check out Lorraine's blog at craftnsew.blogspot.com

Hope you have a great time with us Lorraine!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

block for Maria

sneak peek for Maria
I have made Maria's block today, what is really funny is that this month both my partners names are Maria. So I had thanked the other Maria for my Christmas block only to find out I had thanked to wrong one. The full picture is on my blog
Sue S

Monday, 21 November 2011

crafty Christmas ladies

Hope your Christmas plans are going well!

it is nearly time for December swaps to go out.....so just  a reminder that if anyone would like to take some time off from the swap in December and/or January, please email me at crafty.pug@hotmail.com to let me know!

much love always,

p.s. if you don't have a child in your household, it is well worth borrowing one for Christmas time :) I am experiencing much joy and wonder through my nearly 3 year old little guy - all the tacky Christmas decorations are - look mummy, soooooo bewdiful - and any shop with out tinsel is a shop that we can't go into!  enjoy xx

New blocks from Jen and Maria

block from Jen

block I sent to Jen

block from Maria
I have been really busy and think I forgot to post pictures. I think Jen sent me the first block and I think I sent her the log cabin for the month of October.
Maria is my partner for November and this is the lovely block she sent me. I have my 3year old grand daughter on a Monday so no sewing happening here today ( getting to do this while she watches a movie), my plan is to sew tomorrow and get it posted on Wednesday.
Sue S

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Oh Christmas Tree....

My new Christmas Tree block arrived from Ann (no blog) in the post today....

such a lovely tree.... I think there is an elf hiding behind it....

Thank you so much Ann.... a great addition to my forest....

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Thank You Billy of Victoria

Received this absolutely lovely Xmas Block from Billy and how 'regal' it looks. The richness of the fabrics and the embellishment Billy has done (on the tree) has made the Block very attractive. She has also sent me some beads for any extra embellishments that I might want to do. A well 'designed' Block! Thank you so much Billy and it has been an absolute pleasure to swap with you. Can't wait to meet you again!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Block from Janet

My lovely block which travelled from Yukon Territory Canada to Queensland Australia ...

I love the unusual curve to the sides of the tree....

Thanks Janet... it fits perfectly in my forest....