Wednesday, 31 August 2011

August block going out late....

Here is a sneak peek of the August block I'm sending to Sue in Australia.  She and I have had a bit of problem connecting but all is well now and the blocks are on their way.


janets block

we had a lot of confusion with communication on this block I went on holidays and didnt email Janet on my delay, sorry for all the extra work crafty that I caused you, lots of quilt hugs Sue

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My block for Mary ...

Here is a sneak peek of the block I am sending to Mary C in Ontario .. sorry it is a little late but I am putting it in the mail today .. now if all things go to plan it should get there in about a week

Thanks for being a great partner Mary ... hugs ..

Monday, 29 August 2011

WARNING: grumpy face on :(

hello lovely ladies!

i'm sorry to have to do this - but i need to post a grumpy post - grrrr (pugs get fiesty too sometimes you know!)
most of you are wonderful swappers (as the lovely pictures and posts prove!) but there have been an unfortunate run of people not fulfilling their swap obligations in recent months.
this ruins it for everyone, and creates a headache for me! (and pugs can't take panadol)

so this month is a SPRING CLEAN SWAP!
what this means is that i would like you to get in touch with me if you don't hear back from your partner when you make contact with them initially, and/or if you don't receive a block from them.

this way i can hopefully get on top of people who are not interested in fulfilling their obligation to this swap.

if you don't receive a partner from me this month (i'll be sending them before the 31st of august), it may mean that i think you haven't fulfilled a swap with someone recently and they have let me know.  if you do want to swap and are able to, please just email me to correct the situation.

a gentle, but firm, reminder of the niceties of being in the swap
1. when you receive your email from me with your partner's information, please contact them by email to confirm details and their block preference

2. make a block for them following their preferences and post it to them before the end of that month.  make a block that you would be happy to receive (pressed, quality fabric, squared up, correct size)

3. email your partner to let them know that it has gone in the post and that they should be expecting it

4. email your partner to let them know that you have received their block so that they know their hard work has arrived and is appreciated.

5. if you are going to be unable to swap for some reason (unwell, going away, busy time at work, home etc) please let me know in advance if you are able.  you can sit out one swap, or a few if you know the duration of time you need away, or you can suspend yourself indefinitely and let me know when you are able to rejoin.

ok - grumpy pug gone, and crafty pug back :)  please remember that you can contact me at any time with questions, changes to preferences, issues, unsure how to make a particular block etc

i am looking forward to swapping this month, and getting into the Christmas spirit!
much love, pugs and kisses
crafty pug

Medora's and Mary's blocks ..

This is the block I recieved from Medora .. In the package was also a lovely fq ... a beautiful purple dragonfly motif and a very special pin of the Canadian flag ... thank you Medora ... I love my swap with you ....

Here is a pic of the block I sent to Medora ...

These are the great Chrissy ornament blocks I recieved from Mary C ... thank you Mary they are great ... and your block will be in the mail to you tomorrow ... with a pic to follow ...

Thank you Larissa ...

My beautiful mug rug from Larissa arrived ... oh ... I do so love it ..

Larissa tells me it is full of 'firsts' too .. her first dresden plate .. her first FMQ .. well I am very impressed indeed .. her work is wonderful ..

Thank you so much ...

Along with my Mug Rug Larissa included a lovely little card .. a couple of handmade doileys ... which also are another couple of 'firsts' .. and a pattern for origami trees ... I still have yet to open it as I know I will want to make them and I still have one more block swap to do before I start on anything new ... and also in the pattern there are 2 fq's ... purple and mauve ... hmmm .. just a couple of my most favorite colours ....

This is a photo of the Mug Rug I sent to Larissa ...

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Another lovely block

This month I was lucky enough to link to have a second block partner - Jen (no blog) who is new to our block swap.....

How lucky am I to get another lovely tree block....
I love how Jen has pieced each of the four trees and then joined them together....

Thanks Jen... some more lovely trees to add to my plantation....

Monday, 22 August 2011

Thank You Crafty

What a lovely SURPRISE!! Did not expect a replacement Block as 'hic-cups' do happen and did not give a second thought about it. But Crafty went out of her way to do a Block for me and what a block it turned out to be!! The 'richness' of the colours and fabrics are definitely my favourites. Really appreciate the effort and commitment you have towards your members. Thank you very much Crafty. I also love the extras that came with the block.

Block for Rosemary

sneak peek for Rosemary
This a sneak peek for Rosemary, I was going to do this a week ago but life got in the way,yesterday when the boys were out playing golf I finally got it done. It was posted today so Rosemary should have it later in the week
Sue S

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Oh Christmas Tree.....

I do love all the different Christmas Trees I have received in swaps.... and I hope nobody is offended by my showcasing this one....

I have been blown away by this one from Larissa.  It is very pretty but I am also very touched to see the loving work she has done ...

Larissa knows I am just learning needleturn (we are bloggy friends) so she designed this lovely block....

each section of the tree is sewn separately and the 'ornaments' hand stitched with embroidery....

even the back is worth showing you......

... and look at the lovely card that came with it... giving a description of the work...
(I should have taken a picture of the front... a lovely native flowering bush)

I'm sure you will agree this is a very special block to receive
thanks Larissa

Saturday, 20 August 2011

welcome to Lori!

please join me in welcoming Lori, who has decided to join the swap after having so much fun in the Mug Rug Swap!
have lots of stitchin' fun!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Mug Rug from Sue V to Lori

This is from Sue V. in West Australia!
We were all tickled to get our first post all the way from West Australia! Yeah!
The children are quite proud of this! :)
Blessings~Lori from USA

Crafty's blocks from Robyn and Sharon

i think i have neglected to post last month's block - so i will post with this one!

i got this lovely block last month from Robyn - isn't it gorgeous!

and then i changed my preference to be wonky log cabin or wonky star, and Sharon made me this beauty!

thanks lovely ladies


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Crafty's mug rug received by Lynne

Lynne was good enough to snap some photos of the package that made its way across the seas

also - if anyone was as enamored with the reusable gift bags that Lynne sent me as i was....
(these ones)

Lynne has now posted a tutorial here - now we can all have a greener christmas!
Thanks Lynne

Fiona's mug rug received by Susan L

Susan writes:
Thank you Fiona for the fabulous mug rug! I LOVE the crocheted square--it is just a beautiful piece of lagniappe (a special something extra)!

A few blocks

July from Ann

August from Rosemary
This week I got a couple of squishy's in the mail
First was Rosemary's August blocks, she sent me 2 wonderful wonky star blocks, next Ann's July blocks all the way from Nova Scotia arrived.
Sue S

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mug Rug from Kathy to Vanessa

Here is the lovely mug rug I received from Kathy from Tasmania. Love the design and the colours she chose for me.
We were both first time mug rug makers!

See the pocket on the bottom right - it had a tea bag in it for me to enjoy! And I did - thanks Kathy for this beautiful mug rug.

New tree in the plantation....

This week this lovely tree arrived from Larain.... thank you....

I wonder what is in those parcels under the tree?

Larain also sent  a piece of  very pretty tree fabric... thanks so much Larain

Monday, 8 August 2011

From South Aussie to New South Aussie

Well once again I found myself at the end of another month and I was late getting my blocks sent off.Each month the same thing happens and as anyone that works and has lots of family will understand what Im talking about but I do enjoy making and swapping my blocks each and every month..I say to myself I will get it all done early this  month and that month will come and that will this month...
Anyway here are Craftys block she kindly sent me for July...Thanks crafty and I hope yours has arrived safe and sound...
They really are just wonderful and thank you for two and also for the lovely piece of christmassy star fabric...Its just lovely...
tata Robyn

Mug Rug

I received such a pretty Mug Rug from Susan......

this is the one I sent her.....

the little piecing was a challenge to me.... the tree was foundation pieced....

rather cute... and fun to do

thanks for organising this Crafty Pugz.....

July and August Blocks...

I have been a bit remiss in posting my blocks....

This is the Goose Creek block I sent Larissa in July....

These next two blocks are my August ones.... I used to post a sneak peak and then the plan was a picture when it was received but I always forget.

Now I am going to post a picture as I make them and send them on...
I think it is still different when you get the actual one

I hope I don't spoil surprises ....

Larain asked for a Christmas Theme block in Greens and Reds...

Jen who is new to Christmas blocks.... welcome Jen .... has asked for a Log Cabin in traditional Christmas colours..

I hope they all like their blocks...

Lucky me - two blocks for one month.

Billy is my August partner and she made me not one but TWO blocks, how lucky am I.  My request was either a log cabin in half red and half green or any Christmas tree, and I got one of each.

First, here is the Log Cabin
And here is the gorgeous Christmas tree

Look closely at the little gold angel and baubles - how cute!

Thank you Billy, I love them both.  Quilted hugs, Sue

Pat's mug rug to Natasha

this is a photo from Pat of her great mug rug on its way to Natasha

Pat's collection of rail fence blocks

pat has been collecting rail fence blocks and has shared with us her collection so far

will look fantastic!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

crafty's mug rugs from Lynne

here are my lovely mug rugs from Lynne! she made me two - once using modern fabric, and a more traditional look
i love them both, but the modern is my fave! not sure if you can see but there is a giraffe and a crocodile with scarves on - just gorgeous!

and the backs

and she included some reusable christmas gift bags, for a greener, cleaner christmas

thanks lynne!

Mary's mug rug for Billy

Billy writes....I received this beautiful mugmat from Mary and the Angel/Music fabric in the
mat is gorgeous
Mary also sent a packet of 'Winter Fun Charm Squares' Some of the fabrics
look like they have been hand knitted!!
Thanks very much Mary

Lori's mug rug for Susan V

here is a peek at the front of Lori's mug rug - on its way from Wisconsin in the USA to Susan V in WA, Oz

Billy's blocks for Sue

sounds like Billy and Sue both had some troubles this swap!
see Billy's note below....

Sue may have had a dilemma with my block but I ‘stuffed up ‘ on Sue’s. My ¼” must be out a bit as the log cabin block ended up 11 ½” instead of 12 ½” so I added another round of logs so it is now 13 ½”!!

I made a Christmas tree block instead so I hope you like it Sue - I have sent the log cabin block in case you may be able to use it