Monday, 25 July 2011

New tab at top

Hello lovely ladies!
I hope you have been enjoying Christmas in July as much as I have!  I can't believe that July is nearly over - keep an eye on your inbox, your August partner will be there soon.

You may have also noticed a new tab at the top of the blog - next to 'Home' there is now 'Look what we made!!!'.
This is a static page where I can post pictures and info about your work!

So once you have finished something using the blocks from the group, please email me at with:

1. One or two photos of your creation
2. The name of your quilt if you have one
3. The completion date of the quilt
4. List the contributors of the quilt.

I have posted the first thing that I have made with blocks from this swap - unfortunately I didn't keep track of who made which block!  That is definitely something I am going to do from now on!

So head over, have a look, and then email me your lovely creations once they are finished

Much love, pugs and kisses


Fiona@BubzRugz said...

great idea...

Vanessa R said...

What a wonderful idea - was wondering what people would make from the block we send them.

Sue B said...

Nice to see this tab on this blog, I try to keep tabs on all blocks made writing the senders name in pencil on the back of the block. But I have missed a few and have gone back through all the old posts to look for them.