Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A gentle reminder and a beautiful block

hi lovely ladies
first, i just want to say a big thankyou for being involved in this swap, and for the encouraging way that you respond to people's posts, photos and work.  i love checking the blog to see what people are saying, making and doing!

But, i just wanted to pick up on a post from Sue over at the original Quilting Block Swaps Australia site.  I have also had to unfortunately suspend someone from our swap due to not fulfilling commitments, and a lack of communication over a few months.

So, the gentle reminder part of the post - please remember that this is a volunteer group, full of lovely ladies who are swapping for fun and to be part of a community.  if you know you are going to be busy in advance, please drop me a line and i can take you out of the swap for a month, or more, if needed - no problems, no judgement.  if you unexpectedly can't complete a swap after you have received your partner for the month, please let me, or your partner know as soon as you can.  that way, i can organise a new swapper, or at the very least let your partner know there has been some difficulties.

the other reminder is to let your partner know when you have received their block!  either send an email or post on the blog, or both.  remember that i am more than happy to post piccies of blocks made or received - just email them to crafty.pug@hotmail.com.  this way your partners knows that you have received the block made with love for you!

now for the beautiful block part of the post

this gorgeous one was made by Vanessa and very happily received by Leena!  Leena writes "I really love the selection of fabrics used and fantastic workmanship too. Wish the fabric stores here would carry more varieties of the Festive fabrics!! It has been a pleasure to be her swap partner for the month."

thanks ladies and much love, pugs and kisses to you all


Maria said...

A beautiful Christmas Log Cabin.

thank you Crafty for organising this fun swap.

Larissa said...

Very pretty!!

BubzRugz said...

That is a lovely block.. I love the little tree in the middle...
Hugz to you Crafty Pugs... not long to go...