Wednesday, 16 March 2011

poll results

hello all!
hope this post finds you well!  i can't get over the amazing range of beautiful blocks and sneak peeks that have been posted lately - you ladies are amazingly talented!

back to the poll - it seems, though close, that the winner was leaving the swap as is - ie 12" blocks.  thanks for your input! 
please remember though that at any time you can change what block you are requesting by simply emailing me -
look through some of the amazing blocks for inspiration if needed!

much love, pugs and kisses

p.s. for those interested, i just got back from my 28 week check up and all is going well with the little puglet.  getting bigger and bigger every day, and can't wait for the birth!


BubzRugz said...

yay for little puglet...

Stray Stitches said...

Good news about the growing puglet!

Robyns Home in the Mountains said...

Hi, Great to hear that little puglet is going along wonderfully...