Wednesday, 29 December 2010

January Block from Mary

I am really impressed with the speediness and the wonderful colours...  I received this Block just before Christmas - I am sure it would have been longer if Mary was from outside of Canada.

Mary I have not started on yours yet, as I have to make a trip to the Quilt shop for some fabric.... I really cannot believe the variety of Fabric that I get in the blocks it is truly amazing and this quilt is going to be GREAT!

Hope you have a Safe and Happy New Year

November Block from Sue B

Sue made me a Shoofly - I really love the shoofly. 
I love the colours that she has used.  I was so excited to take the pictures that I did not press - sorry - This Christmas Swap is great  and I really can't wait to see the end product when I have received all 12 blocks....

Thank you Sue

Block From Leona - October Block Swap

I have received my Shoofly from Leona, along with that she sent me a bag for buttons - the bag is already in use and I forgot to take a picture of it (sorry).  Here is my October Christmas Swap Block

I love it and I really can't wait to get all my block swaps to a Christmas Quilt quilted - from around the world.


Monday, 27 December 2010

Off to Ireland

Tuesday I will be popping Micki's Star Block in the post.

It is called "Star Flower"
I hope Micki will be happy with it.

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas??

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Lindas Christmas Star

First of my holiday sewing done.  This is Linda's January star block and I will get this into the post off to Linda when the post office opens next week.  Linda requested a star in traditional colours on a cream back ground.  I hope Linda likes her star.

Better late than never from me too :)

Thank you so much to Shauna in Canada (the frozen canuck), your block arrived several days ago but with all of the Christmas planning to do I never got a chance to pop it on the blog until now. 

Its a fabulous design and I love the colours,  thank you so much Shauna.  Just think while you are snug in your house away from the snow and ice, I am sitting here in my dining room with the back door wide open letting in the cool morning breeze and I can hear the cockies calling to each other from the gum trees.  

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

From Canada to Canada

This block I received from Mary. She made me a Wonky Star block and I love it. It's my first Wonky Star. I have never made on myself but she told me how to for the future. Mary was also my first Canadian swap partner. There's a lot of "firsts" in this block! Brigitte

Better Late than Never

I received this block from Laraine who lives in Australia. I just love it. It really put a smile on my face when I really needed it. Thank you, Laraine and I'm sorry for taking so long to post it. Brigitte

Sunday, 19 December 2010

From the Mountains to the Sea

Robyn and I exchanged blocks for December...
so now I can show you a pic.
I just love the colours in my Log Cabin.
ThAnKs Robyn and Merry Christmas!

And some Xmas Trees for Robyn...

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas !

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

January partners

hi lovely ladies
i know that you have a 1000 other things on at the moment, but just thought i would let you know that i am planning on sending out the christmas swap partners for january in the next few days
they are still only due at the end of jan to your partners

also, just fyi, i am going to be away between christmas and new years and will unavailable to all things technological!

hope all your christmas preparations are going excellently!

pugs and kisses

SENT! Blocks for Micki and Linda

hi all!
here are some sneak peaks....

Micki's star block on its way to Ireland

and Linda's star block on its way to WA

pugs and christmassy kisses

Monday, 13 December 2010

November Block from Mary

I was delighted to receive my beautiful
star block from Mary, USA.
Mary said she has been unwell so I hope
she is better now.                                              


Thank you Crafty

Just a quick thank you for your card and lovely piece of material..That was lovely of you..I wish you and your family a very merry christmas and as I dont have your address I wont be able to send you a card in return...
many regards

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Block From Cathy

In yesterday's mail I also received this wonderful block from Cathy (CrafteeCC).  I just love the bright little Christmas ornaments that make up the star.  And the white and gold star fabric in the background sets it off perfectly.  Cathy also included a sweet little note.  Thank you Cathy!

Block From Ann

I received this beautiful block from Ann in yesterday's mail.  I love the deep rich colors and the fussy cut center with the little birds!  She also included a pin with a darling little heart charm.  Thank you Ann!!

Cherylls Decembers block to Robyn

Well Cheryll advised me to sit down when I opened her package for December..I was sitting
Its is absolutely delightful Cheryyl and thank you very much...Yours will be on its way early next week as I will be finishing it over the weekend...

Sunday, 5 December 2010

From Janet (Caribou) to Linda in Georgia November

I was lucky enough to receive this block from Janet with the most amazing embroidery. Thank you Janet!

Blocks From Brigitte to Linda in Georgia October

Lovely Brigitte wasn't satisfied sending me one block, so she sent two. Lucky me!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Novembers block from Heather in Canada to Robyn in Aussie

I safely received Heathers block during the week..A very different kind of Christmas tree..It is lovely Heather I thank you .

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Block for Mary (Canada) from CathyC

Mary has just sent me an email to let me know the block has arrived safely and 'is perfect'

**doing a happy dance**

ann's block for mary

this is ann's block to mary for the december swap - there are silvery flecks in the burgundy fabric - just gorgeous!!!

November Block For Ann

I don't think that the block I made for Ann was ever posted.  She had no preferences other than Christmas colors.  This block is called Christmas Star - rather fitting don't you think?

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Pat's block to Janet

Pat writes
"these little birds are ready to fly this block to janet. be sure to feed the birds when they arrive. they will  be famished"

Pat's block to Rosemary

Pat writes
"rosemary should be getting this block soon. hope she like it"

doubles, anyone?

every now and then, i am in need of someone (or multiple someones) to make 2 blocks in the one month.  if this is something you would like to put your hand up for, to help me out from time to time, could you please either email me, or comment to this post?
it wouldn't mean every month you need to do an extra, but from time to time, i might need your extra quilting services
thanks, pugs and kisses!

Block For Cathy

Here is just a tease of the block I made for Cathy C.  She requested a log cabin block with a red center square.  This will be going out in today's mail!